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SureClose provides online access to your transaction. With a secure login you can view, print, or email the documents in your file 24/7. You can also correspond with any of the parties involved in the transaction from inside the system. No more having to search for attachments or answers regarding a particular transaction! 


SureClose is free to you as an appreciated customer. Please contact any of the team members in our office to get yourself setup.  

Do you prepare preliminary title commitments?

Yes! We provide them at no cost to you with the understanding that we will be issuing the Title Insurance at the time of sale.  


My client lives out of State, how can you accommodate them?

These things happen more than you may think. All we need is a few extra days before closing to get the paperwork to and from your client. Depending on the type of transaction we can also help coordinate the execution of the closing documents with a local notary.



Securing your dreams

Securing your dreams and peace of mind with a stress free process